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Keynote speakers

Nils is an innovation architect who will take your mind to places that you never expected it would or could go.

For over fifteen years he has been applying design thinking to the business of innovating.

Nils founded Innovation Agency Ideas With Legs and earned his Certified Speaking Professional
designation from Professional Speakers Australia.

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Organisations around the globe, like Nestle, HP & Pfizer, turn to Nils to share his proven techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils has authored four books, including “The Reinvention Sprint - The Fast Track Method To Rethink & Rebuild Business”, Ideas With Legs - How to Create Brilliant Ideas and Bring Them to Life”, “Innovation Archetypes - Principles for World Class Innovation”, and “Life’s Little Toolbox”. 

As a part of his keynote speech, Nils will discuss everyday innovation for the time-poor and his 5 minute innovation techniques that anyone can start using to improve their results.

Adam Spencer has hosted award-winning breakfast radio shows in Australia’s toughest markets and live current affairs TV. He has won improvised theatre competitions and once interviewed John Travolta in front of 75,000 people. Whether it’s a technically demanding event with dozens of moving parts, or flying by the seat of your pants, Adam prides himself on the high level of energy, engagement and entertainment that he provides whenever on stage.

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In his keynote speech, Adam will take a deep dive into the digital revolution that is being heralded by ChatGPT and adjacent Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Starting with the absolute basics — “what is a GPT and how does it work” — all the way through to the most recent product and platform releases, often just weeks old, Adam will bring us up to speed with these incredible disruptive technologies.

GPT call centres and AI-generated training materials that save millions. Incredible life-like videos from simple language commands. Analysing complex information in seconds for business insights and sales leads. Transforming our children’s education. And the promise of a world without language barriers. Don’t put all this in the too-hard basket — let Adam show how to make AI work for you today and carry your business into tomorrow.

Audience takeaways:

  • How AI (inc. LLMs like ChatGPT) is impacting every industry and how to harness its potential

  • Sneak peaks at the very latest tech breakthroughs, often just weeks old!

  • The social and cyber threats of disinformation posed by video and voice simulation, and other potential downsides

  • The power to be drawn from the youngest people in your workforce

  • Tips for keeping up if you feel overwhelmed by the pace of change

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