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Digital Productivity and Innovation:
How can Low Code help?
What Value does AI Bring?


Presented by Jackadder International and Outsystems | 11:00AM

Discover the power of innovation with Jackadder International and Outsystems at an interactive workshop designed to explore the agility and transformative capabilities of Outsystems, a high performance low-code platform through live demos and discussions.

Legal Workshop: Mastering Contracts
and IP Fundamentals for Innovation

Presented by Gareth Benson | 2:00PM

This workshop is designed to provide managers, innovators and entrepreneurs alike a comprehensive understanding of the legal fundamentals essential for protecting their ideas with both intellectual property and contract law fundamental. Participants will gain practical insights into intellectual property (IP) and contracts and are welcome to share their public projects to discuss in live workshop. Establish the confidence to safeguard your most valuable assets in business: your ideas!

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