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 Two masterclasseS
with Nigel Collin and Karen Hawkes

Masterclass with Nigel Collin, where he expands on the how to of change management; and local social media expert, Karen Hawkes from Captovate will present on the

NT Government's Social Media Strategy for those working in this domain.

masterclass with

nigel collin

Change Management requires ownership not buy in.

The two biggest challenges in making change happen are mindset and engaging your team. 

You’ll work through both in this interactive masterclass. 

It is when you and your team take ownership of change (not because you have to but because you want to) that innovation and excellence thrives. 

You will be working through practical ideas to help you and your team embrace change and act on it every day. and you'll leave with a simple plan on a page highlighting the first steps you need to take in your business to make change happen.

Key topics covered include:


  1. Understand the difference between ‘ownership’ and ‘buy in’ and how to gain it

  2. How to nurture a growth mindset for you and your team

  3. The importance of progress and small steps

  4. How to have better conversations

  5. Create an action plan targeting which  ‘gaps’ to start working on and the first steps are.


Social Media Strategy MasterClass for

NT Government

Social media in government is a

game changer.

Using social media, the community can engage in direct dialogue with politicians and government workers. But it also gives governments a chance to engage back.

The Northern Territory Government should be looking to social media to:

  • increase automation

  • improve communications across the Territory and

  • look at ways to do business more economically.

The Ministerial Digital Advisory Council, led by Minister for Information Technology and Chief Executive of the Department of Information and Corporate Services, is encouraging all senior Executives within NT Government agencies and sub-agencies to understand the role social media has in Government.


​Karen Hawkes, Director of local Digital Marketing Agency Captovate and author of the NTG Social Media Strategy, is holding an invite only Master Class.

Key topics covered include:

  • Sharing the strategic recommendations for NTG agencies and their use of social media

  • Exploring local, national and international case studies of effective social media campaigns in government

  • Workshopping ways in which individual agencies may use social media to accommodate community engagement challenges

With many senior members of the Government openly admitting social media is not a space they play in, this is an opportunity to understand what’s possible, and ask questions of a digital marketing professional.

Karen was a popular speaker at the 2019 Symposium, received rave reviews as a Territory Success Stories at OBM 2018 and was awarded IT Professional of the Year at the 2019 Digital Excellence Awards . As a local Territorian, she brings her hands-on knowledge of utilising social media within the Territory’s unique landscape.

Note this is an invite only session to allow us to focus on NT Government initiatives. Register to be on the invite list.

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